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esriConfig file is pushed to a server (with SSH) and then copied into home dir and used for sending queries. I used "AJAX" to load the configuration from a server and the configuration was loaded for Web App 2. It seems that I have to use a separate config for Web App 1 and 2 because the different geometry types. The question is now: What kind of connection, authentication and secret was used for that second connection? If I assume that authentication and secret was a valid token and secret, then it should work also for my REST call and open data. But I'm not sure. So the question is now: How do I connect to Web App 2 (my local REST call)? A: I think you're making it too complicated. You can have one.esriConfig file for both web applications and just separate the url's that they use, e.g. for the Web App1 for the Web App2 You can actually use same service id in both cases as they're just 1:1 configs and so the service can tell if you're the same user that's been authorized. Also, unless you're using a master server with multiple users, you don't have to have any authentication at all (just a secret that you set). Comparison of three methods for the microbiological analysis of penicillin-V and amoxicillin. Several methods for the determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration of penicillin-V and amoxicillin were compared, both with the standard agar-broth dilution method and with a nutrient medium used for the micro-assay of other drugs. Serum supplemented medium gave MIC values higher than those with the standard media. The procedure gives identical MIC values to the standard method for penicillin-V but a sixfold difference for amoxicillin.package com.github.megatronking.svg.iconlibs; import android.content.Context; import; import; import; import




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ESRI CityEngine 2012.1 Advanced Torrent trihar

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